Why Jamclouds?

This is the beginning of Jamclouds, our idea is to build collective collaboration together with you, other musicians and true supporters, so music can be apart of the larger artform. You can reach us at support@jamclouds.com to become more involved!

We believe in a place for music where musicians gather together to create, manage, promote and express their music.
We do that by providing; 1. Online studio 2. Platform and 3. Network.
We are the Collaborative Platform for the Creative Network

Jamclouds is done by angels who helps us probono as much as they can!
First one goes out to :
Jimmy Segerbrecht head of Jamclouds Analog
Naim Ouslati head of analog marketing
Julyssa Diaz head of online marketing
Johan Lundsten video production
Tomas Rusiak music production
Olle Hedberg studio and sales
André Möllerfors cloud one
Mika Aalto collaboration marketing
Lara Greisman organisation
Klas Alvegård sales
Axel af Petersen sales
Carl Zai event
Johan Heden event
Adam Odelid sales
Cindy Norrby blogg
Mickaela Wallin bookkeeping
Tomas Wallin finance
Alexander Wallin human resources
Carl Jartman video production
Tomas Ahlsén incubator
Martin Westerdahl strategi
Kim Myrin studio strategi

And all of you wonderful people who’s on the site being active, it means the world to us!

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